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More About Me...

I have MANY hobbies, but do not specialize in anything. I like to take pictures, read, watch movies and TV, cook, eat, camp, hike, go to rodeos and just hang out with friends. I am working out more to get back in shape. I was thinking more of a tall rectangle as opposed to a pear one. I have started playing Rugby and still want to learn to fish better. I am planning to travel more and get to NYC and San Francisco in 2006. I am educated and find that I can hold conversations about a lot of things but I really don’t like talking about religion.

I am easy going and yet, have been called an asshole. I put my friends and family before all else and I will put up a fight. I may be small, but I can pack a hard hit. I don't care for a lot of things in this world, and when asked for my opinions I will give them - but I do think before I speak 90% of the time. I am crude and brash and I can also be well spoken. I try my best  to adapt to my surroundings and attempt to fit in. I stand out when it counts and pay attention when others don't. I am told I am cocky, but I don't feel I am. I am just me - I am simple and find that others try to mess with my life. I laugh it off and figure that if they need to bash me and degrade me to give theirs lives value, let them. My true friends know me. I used to be one that did that, and I saw the errors of my ways and did what I had to do to fix it. I left the bars and other gay groups to just put it all in place. Here I am today standing tall for what I believe in and with 11 ½ EEE boots, it is hard to push me over.

One thing in my life that has truly moved me to be a better person to myself and to those around me is the loss of my best friend in the whole world. Cancer took my father from me Christmas of 2001. I didn't put this in here for sympathy or condolences, but to give an understanding as to my thoughts. I went through a very rough time over the past 3 years trying to move on with my life and putting it right. I made bad decisions and learned lessons that I cannot say didn't change me. To this day, many things remind me of him and what he meant to me. Being Irish in heritage, I learned one thing "Celebrate life, don't mourn it". And yes, I did drink a lot. He will never be replaced and his quirky nature is a part of what makes me who I am. Not to mention I got his side of the gene pool. It is also with this I can say certain songs and things will always bring back those happy memories and the sadness I felt that cold December morning. Music is a part of my life I don't understand. I cannot really sing, but words have always been put together best by other people and not myself.