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Friends and the like...

This is my friends page. For those who have been here you will see some changes, if you are new here WELCOME! 

JOHN.. oh boy, what a trip. John is a guy I met while living in Colorado. He is a paramedicine flightnurse. He is actually the one that inspired me to really just go for the EMS career. He lives out in Santa Rosa, CA area and is one of the greatest men I have ever known.

Kevin is another great online buddy that has had impact on me. He is upfront, brash and never pussyfoots around stuff. I have never met him, but I am told he is very shy in person - that is until you get him alone. He has a web page that is under SEVERE construction, so I'll add that link later and NOW he is "married" with a great boy, so I am told he is great. He is cute at least!

Mike. Oh Mike, what can I say about him? Well, he is one interesting fellow. He is from Central Kansas and lives now in Overland Park, KS. He is sweet, kind, and if you don't understand him, a bit off (to me anyways). He has a very eclectic back ground in music and loves video games. He has a website too, but you can find him online at and and bear411 as Sacredjade. I am very PROUD to call him a friend and his website is here.

Frank is one more good guy in my life. I am very happy to say he is my friend and even when other guys I know bad mouth him, I put it on the way side because I know better.

ONE BIG friend in my life is the Rugby Team: Dallas Diablos. They have finally made me feel as if I belong and I love the friends I have made and the experiences I am going through. It feels incredible to be part of a team that I never felt when I was growing up. THANK YOU!!