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A last word or two...

I have had my times dating guys, and up until recently all ended within weeks and the longest was 3 months. I recently came to an end of a very good one, roughly a year. He was kind, joyful and brought many things to my life I had been missing and made me see life through another's eyes. We grew apart for the main reason that I was not a whole person. My life was not ready to be in a relationship and I know I won't be for sometime. I hope I am wrong with that statement, but I won't know till it happens. I have found out that I like older men... 30-45 (or mature younger guys) I like handsome, rugged men with more meat then fat on there bones. I like'em short and tall, furry is best and most of all, I don't do roles.. I won't be just bottom or top. I don't need someone to complete me, I need a someone that compliments the man I am.

Remember... it ain't my fault!

I have done what I can to be friends with as many people as possible, but am sick of being a "whiner-magnet". If your life sucks - it ain't my fault. If you have no money - it ain't my fault. If you don't have a boyfriend - it ain't my fault. If you didn't finish your degree yet - it ain't my fault. If your job doesn't pay you enough - it ain't my fault. Stop being a miserable Drama Queen and take responsibility for your own actions, or lack of. If you think I have something that you believe you're more entitled to than me -remember- IT AIN'T MY FAULT!

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