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Thoughts... on being gay.

Well, I had no idea what "gay" was until my mom mentioned something about Liberace and Martina Navritralova to me one day. I finally came out to myself after fucking guys for a couple years while still dating the ladies. Coming out to myself was harder then coming out to my mom. When I told her, she cocked her head, looked at me puzzled and said "Of all my sons, I never would have guessed you... OH by the way, your Aunt Penny is a lesbian and my boss is dating Gary Lezak." I looked confused and wondered to myself "which brother??" going over their personal gay attributes, I finally concluded they were both gay.
I can recall my first gay thought though... I was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and no it was NOT Harrison Ford. It was that tall, red haired German bastard that ripped off his shirt when he came out of the tent at the beginning of that climactic plane scene.. damn that propeller

I am not ashamed of being gay, it is just hard to tell someone when they only know of drag queens and club kids and child molesters as being gay, all of which I don't fit into. This is one reason my dad never was told by me that I was gay. It took him 55 years to like black people. He always said "Don't hang around that Jeff, people will think you are gay." That was not helping me either to feel comfortable in my own skin.

My biggest compliant about Gay Life is D R A M A... why must we do it??? Can't they all just watch the soaps on TV??? Seriously, why must we as a culture hurt each other to make ourselves feel better? It is the actions we do and the step we take to make our "lifestyle" more widely accepted, yet we are the ones that make it difficult to be gay.

OH yeah, one more thing, negative people who "bug chase" to become positive... wake the F@#K up... why would you do that?? Just so you can have bareback sex??? Read into it more before you fill you own head with the idea "It is gonna happen eventually, might as well do it onto myself." Let me step down off the soapbox.

Gay "marriage" is another thing, they are using the word against us, but to whittle it all down - This country was founded on the idea of separation of church and state, yet THAT my friends is what is keeping us from succeeding as a culture. They are using the CHURCH to pass laws and forbid us to be treated equally. Let them have the word, just give ALL the citizens the same rights.